Solar Water Heater Heating Element & Thermostat (Backup Heater)
Solar Water Heater Heating Element & Thermostat (Backup Heater) Frequently Asked Question Selangor, Malaysia, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Seri Kembangan Supplier, Supply, Repair, Service | BWS Sales & Services Sdn Bhd
Solar Water Heating Element and Thermostat act as a backup heater when the solar system failed to provide hot water. 

During the raining season, the solar panel cannot generate the hot water and users are recommended to turn ON the backup heater to boil the water in tank by using electricity. 

Also during the special occasion, the number of family members increased will caused over usage of hot water. Users are recommended to turn ON the backup heating element for 1 ~ 2 hours. 

Usually a solar water heater heating element and thermostat can last 7 to 15 years depends on the quality of product. Different brand of solar water heater using different model and size of heating element.

The Symptom of Failure Heating Element 

1. When user turn ON the switch but it immediatly tripped the NCB. 
2. Turn on for few house during the night time but not heating element not fucntioning and no changes in water temperature
3. The red lights is not lighten after turn ON.

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