Crystal Solo Internal Water Filtration System
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Crystal Solo

  • FILTER LIFE 4000 L

Crystal Solo makes your tap water safe to drink. It reduces harmful substances in your water. Extremely compact and easy-to-use this drinking water filtration system fits any family or household.

Technical specifications

  260x90 mm
Weight: 1 kg
Filtration rate: 1.5 L/min (0.4 Gal/min)
Treated/Drained ratio: no drain
Tap pressure: does not matter
Water temperature: 5–38 °C (41–100 °F)
pH after DWM: 6 - 7
Replacement filters: зм2
Replace: every 12 months
Faucet: separate for drinking water

Contaminant reduction

Aquaphor Crystal Solo dramatically reduces harmful substances found in tap water. They include:

  • chlorine, chloroform and other organic chlorine compounds
  • metals and heavy metals: colloidal iron, lead, mercury, copper, aluminum
  • petrochemicals
  • phenols
  • pesticides

It does not remove water hardness (limescale).


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